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BD’s – Q & A – Information about Shooting

Please read the questions and answers section below as well the “requirements of each shoot” at the end of the Q&A. You are responsible for all this information prior to your shoot.

Information about Shooting - BD Portraits StudioHow is BD Portraits unique?

BD Portraits is as unique as it’s subjects, you! I work with every client on an individual basis, making sure to accomplish your personal goals with your photos. Whether we work together for 30 seconds or 3 days, I will continuously ask questions to make sure we accomplish everything we can for your photo needs.

BD has experience and education that is unique as well, a BA in professional photography, and working in the portrait and commercial industry for the last 16 years, I’ve worked with celebrities, ad firms, fashion magazines, and more.

What do you cost?  

Our prices now exist on the site, in the simplest way we could show them off! If you want the highest quality images, and a our unique style, contact us and schedule your shoot TODAY.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located at 4150 Cedar Avenue, in Minneapolis.

We are about 1 mile away from beautiful Lake Nakomis, and 5 blocks from lake Hiawatha. Most of the images you see on our website are shot in or around our studio space. Other locations are shot just about anywhere. We can offer you recommendations, depending on what you’re looking to achieve.


Park in front of our studio, on Cedar Avenue. There are no parking restrictions with exception to snow emergencies.

Facebook and your photos:

Please “Like” our studio on Facebook, and “check-in” at your shoot!

Who is the photographer? What makes him a professional? 

Check out all about BD, HERE.

Do you require/schedule a consultation before a shoot?

We do NOT require this, and usually it’s truly not needed. The way we shoot is simple, you come, we discuss your needs, look at what you brought with you, we laugh, and we capture photos of you at your very best. All the common questions (and more) are answered here with this “Q&A.”

What is your specialty? What / Where do you shoot?

BD Portraits specializes in professional “high-quality” studio portraits. Our studio, and our lighting separates us from other photographers… We also know how to take this lighting concept on location as well, offering professionally lit location shoots to individuals wanting something even more unique for a photo session.

Do you do location shooting? Does this cost more?

We do offer location shoots. There is an additional fee for location shooting, compensating for the additional time for travel, equipment transportation, setup, strike down, and any assistance needed for your shoot.

How many looks do I get in a shoot? What is a look? 

A look through most studios would consist of an outfit change, or a background change, or a different location. At BD Portraits, our goal is to make sure you’re covered with variety, therefore we no longer charge based on “looks.” That said, on average, most shoots range from 2-4 looks.

Can I shoot just ONE look? Will this cost less? 

You can shoot one or 10 looks, our prices are based on our service to you, which doesn’t change based on looks.

How many photos do you take in a shoot?

This varies. That said, another thing that separates us from other photographers is our goal of getting you the BEST photos, not shoot hundreds of images that you won’t like or that either of us wouldn’t be proud to use. We know how to do this quickly and efficiently. We also make it easy for you when ordering, by putting our favorites from the shoot FIRST in your private link, so you have a professional opinion to start your decision making.

When do you shoot?

We are by appointment only. Shoot mostly on weekdays, and usually schedule shoots in the late morning, or early afternoon. This is my full time job, I can accommodate to your schedule, but do charge fees for weekends, or evening shoots.

Do you offer professional hair and makeup services?

Hair and make-up are not included in your shoot price, it is your responsibility to accomplish the desired hair and makeup prior to coming to the shoot.Information about Shooting - BD Portraits Studio

Do you allow time for getting ready if we need it?  

We ask that you come ready to shoot in your first look and with any hair and makeup you’re hoping to use. If you know you will need more time before or after your shoot please contact us about this.

What should I wear?


Wardrobe defines YOU in your photos, and we can’t emphasize this enough. Other than being comfortable in front of the camera, it is the next most important aspect of a professional shoot. Treat this day as though you’re going to your dream job interview. You need to look your best, and DRESS THE PART. Purchase new clothes, or if you’re on a budget we will shoot around shopping tags, and you can return them after.

Additional recommendations of clothing:

VARIETY …. VARIETY…. VARIETY!  Bring variety to choose from. 1-2 options for each look, 2-3 looks. We will offer our profession opinion for each look.

• Bring accessories that work with all your clothes. Often these accessories can also become props, and many times clients like these the best!

• Speaking of props, BRING THEM… ANYTHING that says who you are, or who you want to be in the portraits.

• Have everything ironed and organize on hangers in groupings of outfits and looks.

NOTHING DISTRACTING!  No patterns, large logos, bright colors, stripes, dots, etc. We are looking to make the ultimate connection with you and the camera, make sure your clothes aren’t asking for people to look anywhere other than your face. Earth tones and subtle colors, sometimes bold colors, are best. Take your clothing choices seriously. BD Portraits will go off what you bring to the shoot for locations, and backgrounds.

What if I have a pimple?!  

Welcome to the “E.D.C.” (EVERYONE DOES CLUB)… Don’t worry about it! It’s a click of a mouse to get rid of it, and no one will ever know. This is simply the reality of digital photography today. It’s NOT A PROBLEM, and is ABSOLUTELY NOT an acceptable reason to cancel a shoot.

With that said, makeup goes a long way (yes, even for the boys)… we aren’t talking lipstick and eyeshadow here, just something to cover up anything you don’t want to show off in your photos. If you have a friend who does makeup and/or hair, bring them with. For women we cannot recommend enough that you have someone you trust with your hair and makeup. It gets rid of all the fuss for it that day, so you can concentrate on just being YOU for your shoot.

What other ways can I look my best for my photos?  

There’s no secret to it, getting your best photos really comes down to how comfortable and confident you are with yourself while being photographed. There are hundreds of “big time celebrities” who aren’t supermodels, yet we see photos of them and think they look amazing! It’s because they have the confidence we all want to have, or at least they know how to ACT LIKE IT in front of a camera.

How well you connect with the camera, is 100% how comfortable and confident you are with yourself, at least for while your being photographed. BD Portraits accepts this is also our responsibility during your shoot. Just come EXCITED, and we will take care of the rest.


• Get lots of rest the day before and day of your photo shoot.

• Drink as much water as your stomach allows the day before your shoot… this does wonders for your skin and energy the next day!

• Bring a friend who can easily make you laugh. (BUT someone you will NOT hold you back, when we are asking you to be silly, be happy, be sad.)

• Get a haircut before your shoot.

• Buy new clothes (as mentioned in “what should I wear”).

Have more questions? Want more answers?

Message us through the contact section of our site (in the main menu above).



*** You are responsible to read and understand all the information below, prior to your shoot with BD Portraits. These regulations are required and were created to have your entire portrait experience run smoothly.

• We proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee of our product. We will work with you until you’re happy.


A signed model release is required for every shoot, no exceptions. A parent or guardian must sign for anyone under 18. Our photographer signs this form at the end of your shoot as well… it is a document of your rights to the images as much as ours. Save time by printing, reading, and signing it before your shoot by clicking here!


Payment is required by the end of your shoot. Acceptable forms of payments are cash, check, paypal, or credit cards. Checks will need to be OK’d prior to sending you your files, and may require more time as well. (When you pay with credit card, it is through paypal, and we charge a 3% service fee for this service… YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to do this.


You are required to order your photos/files within TEN DAYS of them being uploaded to our gallery. Our system automatically allots for this time. After TEN DAYS your photos are erased form our online gallery automatically, and a you may be subject to additional fees to reload them on our system. Our goal is to get you your photos fast.


Photographs produced by BD Portraits are protected by the United States Copyright Act, all rights are reserved to BD Portraits and our photographer as an individual. Upon complete payment of the fees and due, and when you purchase FILES (not prints) through BD Portraits you are granted limited rights as follows: a) the photographs may be printed for personal use; b) photographs may be printed and gifted to friends and relatives; c) the photographs may be used for self promotion; d) the photographs may be used on personal web sites or on social networking outlets, and/or d) the photographs may be printed or used in a portfolio setting.

You must obtain written permission from, and offer compensation to, BD Portraits for any other uses of the photographs.

You agree that you will not make photographic prints available for sale to individuals, groups, or third parties in any way, including when you purchase files.

In partial compensation for the services BD Portraits renders, you agree to assign us the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish your photographs for editorial purposes, self promotion, and photographic competitions, as well as our blog, facebook and other website usage. BD Portraits agrees that these photographs will not, in any way, be used for the purpose of intentional ridicule, scandal, reproach, or indignity.


A link to a private gallery of your photos will be sent to you.

Any artistic and photographic interpretations BD Portraits makes related to your photography will be deemed acceptable and correct. The images we provide you with will be edited at our discretion and therefore may not include all of the images we captured during your session or project. BD Portraits reserves the right to edit and release only those photographs that meet the company artistic standards.

You will be responsible for the safekeeping of all files and prints once they have been delivered. Additional sending of files after 14 days of sending, may be subject to additional fees.

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