Corporate & Group Headshots


“Brent is great with people and delivers a first-rate end product. His professionalism and artistic expertise combined make him a fantastic photographer to work with.” – Eric Broker (Minnesota Opera)


  • QUALITY – We continuously invest in high-end professional gear and technology, producing the very best images, with the absolute most efficient use of you and your coworkers time.
  • SERVICE – We guarantee the highest quality headshots in the market, but to us thats not enough. We take it seriously to do whatever it takes to surprise you with our quality of service as well.
  • EXPERIENCE/STYLE – Over the last 2 decades, we’ve worked with every type of business imaginable. From the small business looking for “quick, simple, traditional headshots,” to the largest corporations needing “branded, specific, advertising quality images.” We can do it all – and we do it better than the rest.


You’re a business, and so are we, so let’s get straight to the point!
A word from our photographer Brent: For over 2 decades, I've spoke with hundreds of companies. Today, with a more saturated market, and many companies looking strictly for a low price before experience, style, and quality, it’s become a regular thing that I write back with estimates and often don’t get replies. Other times I connect, and it all leads to that dreadful question “what is your budget?”
Over the phone, many times this is met with, "I don't know, I'm just getting bids," then I take the time to explain everything that I offer you as a client that the other photographers can't, and the person over the phone understands that what I offer through my studio is something unique. They end up telling me what range of pricing they have gathered, and what they are hoping for, and I either say I'll happily do it, or I pass.
This is my full time work, and I want to do what it takes to gain you as a client. As stated above, I'm confident that what I can offer you through my studio isn’t matched by other photographers in the area – this isn't a cocky blanket statement, it’s my absoulte passion, something I've worked decades to achieve, it's something I invest in, something I take seriously. 
Let’s skip the back and forth, and the no replies, and get right to it – tell me your range in budget depending on what you need, or give us your bottom line price
If needed, check in with other studios. We know the going rate for professional grade headshots, and we know our worth in what we can provide you – ultimatly what we are offering you sells your company and your product or service, what you gain from us is an investment in your company.
Please come to us with YOUR price, so we can get started on producing an amazing shoot experience, and the best quality headshots you can imagine. We’ve made it easy for you to give us all the needed details, just fill out the form below. 

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