• 1 retouched image file
• 1.5 hours of shoot time
• Unlimited looks

• $55 Per retouched image file
• $55 weekend/evening fee
• $95 On location fee

Come to Minneapolis acting headshots photographer, BD Portraits Studio! We will get you what you need! (More below.)

Client Testimonials

” I am so lucky, grateful, and proud to have had my headshots taken by Brent of BD Portraits numerous times. Working with him is a breeze! The merging of his apparent talent, passion, skill, and understanding is infectious and leaves you feeling comfortable, attractive, inspired, and open to be generous of spirit and purely, honestly yourself. The result is a series of personable shots which capture varied truthful nuances, shades, and moments. You are sure to have a hard time settling on just one! He embraces your individuality and showcases your uniqueness which sets you apart from the crowd. A headshot by BD is sure to make you stand out and get called in.”     – Derek Long (NYC Actor) 

More on Minneapolis Acting Headshots Photographer BD Portraits

Minneapolis Acting Headshots Photographer BD Portraits will make you comfortable, make sure you look your very best, and capture you with your best light and energy possible. With over 17 years of professional experience, 8 of which was in the fast paced Los Angeles acting industry, your photographer, Brent of BD Portraits, knows what is needed for professional acting headshot that will separate you from the rest. The key is to get you noticed, getting you that first audition, and that is what we do best!

How is BD Portraits unique?

BD Portraits is as unique as it’s subjects, you! I work with every client on an individual basis, making sure to accomplish your personal goals with your photos. We will continuously ask questions to make sure we accomplish everything we can for your photo needs.

BD has experience and education that is unique as well, a BA in professional photography, and working in the portrait and commercial industry for the last 16 years, I’ve worked with celebrities, ad firms, fashion magazines, and more.

Who is the photographer? What makes him a professional? Check out all about BD, HERE.

What is your specialty? What / Where do you shoot? BD Portraits specializes in professional “high-quality” studio portraits. Our studio, and our lighting separates us from other photographers… We also know how to take this lighting concept on location as well, offering professionally lit location shoots to individuals wanting something even more unique for a photo session.

Want more information on shooting with Minneapolis acting headshots photographer BD Portraits? Check out my info page with all sorts of questions and answers that have helped many clients in the past.