ABOUT BD – Minneapolis / St Paul Photographer – Twin Cities Portrait Photography Studio

Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Brent D. (“BD”) gained his passion of imagery and capturing priceless moments at a young age. Starting an amateur photography business while still in high school, he captured images of fellow students, and soon gained a following to his work. With a desire to master his craft he moved west to California for his studies at the world renown Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

Upon completion of his education and receiving a BA degree in professional photography, with an emphasis in both commercial and advertising work, BD located himself to Hollywood, California and gained immediate notoriety in photographic circles shooting celebrities such as Keiffer Sutherland, Sting, En Vogue, and Fergie, as well as appearing in numerous publications worldwide. BD has since spoke about his accomplishments both with photography and business, at both Brooks Institute, and now at Art Institute International, here in Minnesota.

Wanting to move back to his roots, and to the “Minnesota Nice” he always missed, BD is now officially back in the Twin Cities and here to stay. With over 14 years of professional experience, and now opening the doors to  his studio in South Minneapolis, BD’s favorite subjects are first and foremost kids and families, high school seniors, pets, and men and women of every age and look!

Another passion and major part of BD’s life is his dog, who you will get to meet when you do a shoot.

BD couldn’t be more excited for the 2 year anniversary of the opening of his studio in South Minneapolis… PLEASE tell your friends and family all about his work, “LIKE” our Facebook page, and share all of your favorite shoots using the social links in each gallery and blog listing.